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Nov. 12th, 2012 02:45 pm
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All Application information is locked to [personal profile] pievate.
Louis Cyphre is copyright Atlus. No fanart used in icons or posts is created by me.
Please notify me if you wish me to a) stop using your art, or b) add a credit line, as many pieces of art were uncredited when found.
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Issei Ryuudo Has potential, but flighty and hesitant. His faith may be a hindrance.
Issei's father He has great power. However, controlling him would be impossible.
Diarmuid ua Diabhne Strong, but difficult. May prove to be a problem in future.
Retasu ??? Has potential but not willpower. Keep an eye on.
Wesker X Wild card. Unnecessary.
Birkin X Appears loyal to Wesker.
Kefka Wild card. Uncontrollable, but useful. Interesting also. Must remember to return the favour.
Doc. Scratch Cannot guess at his alignment. Ridiculously obsessed with fate, but otherwise pleasant. If he lives, I don't know what to expect of him. I wonder if he drinks?
Michael (The prisoner one) Has potential. I have given him the offer of freedom. Who knows if he will accept it?
Akeldama I know little of this one. He(?) appears extremely flighty.
V/V Appears too gentle. As a tool, she would break.
The blonde girl*Sena Kashiwazaki ...requires more study.
Yu Narukami A million times no. I am not dealing with Izanami's claim.
Kasumi Tendo Most likely too sweet. Making use of her would result in isolating Issei further.
Boy who asked about ghosts Unknown entity. Will make further study eventually.
Issei's crazy girlfriend*Minatsuki Takami Most likely useless, although I have not yet met her.
Angry duck*Scrooge Unreasonable.
Man with lance Aside from one 'virus', we've hardly met. However, he appears intriguing.
Rose Lalonde Belongs to Scratch
Man who asked about brainwashing ...who is this man? I never got a name.
Kind Girl*Makoto Kino Friendly and loyal. Talkative, too. Otherwise, I don't know either way. She may be worth the effort.
Greed Absolutely not.
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Formal Suit - A suit made by Francis Bonnefoy. It is of particularly good quality.
Devil's Ring - Louis Cyphre's ring. Regained after the events of April.
Sandwich - A tasty sandwich. Alas, it has no healing powers. But it does have ham in it.
Red Wine - A fine Pinot Noir. It has a delicate taste to it.
Bandages - Fresh bandages. There's not much more to say...
Dress - A long red dress with a black ribbon at the waistline. There were shoes with it, but they seem to have disappeared.
Devil's Clips - Louisa Ferre's hairclips. Regained after the events of December.
Devil's Handkerchief - An orange handkerchief owned by Louis Cyphre. Regained after the events of December.

Regained Powers

Shapeshifting (personal):
                Level 1: Female/Young (Louisa Ferre)
Level 2: Male/Young (Blond Child)

Gained Physical Traits

-Hair Growth stage 1 (mid-chest) (June 2012 Event) Cancelled out by December 2012 Event.

Gained Mental Traits

Passivity - (August 2012 Event)


Apr. 8th, 2012 05:19 am
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[Louis' voice is nothing if not completely annoyed. Easter is not one of his favorite times, after all. Not that he has anything against Jesus. No, his problems go a little higher. This kind of thing happens when you're the devil, after all.]

I have been advised to abstain from any long-winded rants on the subject of today, so I will merely say this. Easter is one of the three days I find least pleasant during the modern year and as a result, if you need me, I will be either at a bar in Malkuth somewhere or being distracted by the few beings brave enough to approach me today.

[Namely, some bolder demons.]

...not that most of the inhabitants of this world even remembers what Easter is, most likely. But still. It's the principle of the thing.



Do you have time on your hands yet?
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Ok so. Louis has this ability that I don't think he can turn off, as discovered by Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon.

Basically, Louis appears to be the species of whoever is looking at him. As in, he doesn't change; there is a sort of perception filter that makes you see him as that type. Demons from his world don't count as he technically is a demon, and people with significant power would probably override it. This only applies to non-humanoids, but what I need to know is this:

If your character is an alien/troll/non-humanoid/whatever, are you alright with dealing with this perception filter, or would you rather avoid visual contact? Or would your character be able to override the filter altogether?

Also could you give some brief specifics as to what your species looks like? It doesn't have to be detailed, just even a name will help, so I can look it up.

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So, I found something today that caught my eye.

Apparently they have made a television show about my son. I don't know if I should be proud or not.

At any rate, if you wish to see...

My son happens to be the boy with the white hair. His name is Setsuna.

Ah, youth. If only it came with survival skills built in.

IC Contact

Jan. 24th, 2012 08:14 am
starofchaos: louis cyphre (I'll tell you everything)

Thank you for calling. You've reached Louis Cyphre, but unfortunately I'm a little busy right now. If it's urgent enough to require my attention, someone will notify me as soon as it is possible for me to be reached. Alternatively, you could always open the door to the Abyss and make your way here. I look forward to seeing which option you take.


> Your message is recording...
> This page can be used for any type of in-character communications, despite the voicemail message. However, those using his phone will receive this message.

starofchaos: louis cyphre (louis; yeah i'm a cool sprite)
> There is a form here. Fill it in?
   Yes <
Out of Character

Player Contact - Plotting/Questions/Etc: You may contact me at any time!
Backtagging: Both tagging my posts and responding to my tags is perfectly a go! Also if you wish to continue any threads that have been "dead" for a while, just ping me. Sometimes alerts get lost or things slip my mind.
Threadhopping: Go for it! But if it looks like a serious conversation, please ping both the people involved to ask.
Fourthwalling: Not for the SMT-verse (as in, don't tell him he's fictional or from a game - but feel free to realize there's a game about him if you're from DDD), but feel free to connect the dots about his status as a religious figure, ties to any other SMT characters, etc. It'll be fun!
No-Go Subjects: None at current time! As of yet, this mun has absolutely no qualms about discussing most things.


Mind Reading, Possession and Mind Control: Go for it! He's canonically able to be possessed (somehow), so mind-control should be feasibly possible if you're strong. However, please alert me and keep me updated if it's going to go on for a while. Hit me up if you've got a plot with those possibilities!
Physical Contact: Go for it.
Hugging: Are you insane? Well, he'll not approve of you crinkling his clothing or anything like that, but go for it if you want! He won't throw you off or anything. He'll just be rather confused. Unless he's in his kid form in which case he'll be all why do you people exist.
Kissing or Flirtation: Sure, go ahead. Louis is likely to be very annoyed if you kiss him unexpectedly, but he forgives easily - especially if the kiss is a good one. Flirtation may well result in the same from him, depending on his mood.
Fighting: ...are you crazy? Want your characters to get humiliated? Have someone powerful who could actually win? Or just have a ~plan~ for victory? Well, sure. But definitely hit me up first to discuss this. Fighting is perfectly ok with me, but I'd like to have the bigger details plotted out.
Romance: ... Well, just don't expect it to last long-term. You're dealing with the devil, after all.
Sex: Certainly! Casual, kinky or whatever you like. However, there are limitations. I won't do scat, vomit, underage stuff or bestiality. Everything else is probably a go; just hit me up if you're worried.
Injury: Go for it. Just don't expect it to stick.
Death: Again, don't expect it to stick, but hit me up! I'm perfectly ok with it.
Torture: ...what, are you going to play hymns at him?

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> You feel the presence of someone behind you...
> ...but nobody was there.
> What will you do?

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> You await your response

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